Wholesale Wood Prints and Bulk Wood Prints

Wholesale Wood Prints & Bulk Wood Prints

wholesale wood prints and bulk wood prints

Plak That Printing Co. offers a wide variety of options for wholesale wood prints, wood print resellers, and bulk orders of wood prints! Whether you are a store owner wanting to offer a new product, an organization looking for a new fundraiser idea, or an online retailer our Plak That wood print programs make it work for you. Our wholesale wood prints and bulk wood prints orders are made with the same quality wood and attention to detail that goes in to every Plak That wood print. We are the preferred partner for all quality wholesale wood prints and bulk wood prints because of our dedication to our bulk prints on wood process.

Here are some features of our wholesale program:

1) No order minimum once wholesale account has been approved

2) Designs and sizes can be mixed

3) Ability to create “one-off” prints for your customers


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Plak That Wholesale Wood Prints

Looking for our wholesale wood print program? You’re at the right place! Follow the directions below to apply for our wholesale program and we will get in touch with you to help you get the most from our wholesale wood prints program.


1) FIRST, register for a profile on plakthat.com HERE.

2) Fill out the form below using the email address you used to create a Plakthat.com design profile and your business/store details.

3) Once submitted we will review your business/store details and notify you within 48 hours if your wholesale account has been approved.

4) Ordering is done through Plakthat.com.  Wholesale pricing will appear in your shopping cart once your account has been approved.

Please use the form on this page or email us (with your business information) at contact@plakthat.com to get your wholesale account approved!

Email Us For Wholesale Quotes

Wholesale Account Setup
1) Create a design profile on Plakthat.com. 2) Provide us your store or business details below to setup a Plak That Wholesale Account.
Enter the email address you used to create a Plak That account
Please provide us with Business # or Tax ID # for business verification purposes
Max file size is 2 MB. Upload resale certificate

Wholesale and Bulk Order Pricing

We have the best prices for wood print bulk orders and all wholesale wood prints. Design it yourself or send us the image you would like to use and we can even double it to make sure its high quality. Looking for wood print ideas? Contact us! We’re here to help at contact@plakthat.com.


Wooden Trophies & Wooden Awards

Several events and organizations use Plak That wood prints as wooden trophies, corporate rewards, and gifts. Wood trophies are great for competitions and can easily have the design changed to give each event and award a unique feel. Corporate wood prints are a great gift for employees across the entire organization and can make a fun executive gift.


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Wood Signs and Wood Signage

Wood is good! Wood signs are one of the best ways to draw attention to your business or to highlight an amazing product. Custom wood signs are common for every business. Small point of purchase wood signs are a huge eye catcher at the register and a common wood product for us to create for our wholesale wood prints and bulk wood prints partners. We also frequently do other wood signs and bulk wood signs for startups and new products to capture that handmade, hip, unique feeling to their product. You may have even seen some of our wholesale wood signs and bulk wood signs in a coffee shop near you!

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