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Creating a Wood Print

1) Choose a size from the options above.  Sizes are proportional to the silhouette with the 10.5″ x 16.5″ being our best seller.

2) Design your plak using your own photos and added text.  Or, pick from our library of available designs!

3) We create your beautiful wood print and ship right to your door.

Creating Your Designs – Colors, Text, and Photos on Wood

Once you choose a size above, our easy design app will load your print template.  The wood Plak will be shown at a size that will fit in your web browser, not the actual size of the final product.  Complete the 4 steps and you’ll have a great new design saved to your profile.  Create your own custom designs and save as many as you want!  From your profile you can see all of the wood prints you’ve created, and you can share them with friends or purchase them at any time.

Plak That 14 (tall) x 10.5 (wide) inches (portrait)
Plak That 22.5 (tall) x 16.5 (wide) inches
Plak That 18.5 (tall) x 27.5 (wide) inches
Plak That 5 (tall) x 7.5 (wide) inches (smallest size)
Plak That 7.5 (tall) x 7.5 (wide) inches (smallest size)
Plak That 7 (tall) x 7 (wide) inches (smallest size)
Plak That 7 (tall) x 7 (wide) inches (smallest size)