Wood Print Poems

Wood Print Poems and Quotes

An interesting way to showcase your favorite poem verse or inspirational quote is by turning them into wood print poems and quotes. Create a wood print poem or quote by using the super simple “Add Text” tool in the our print designer. We created this little 7×7 wood print quote by Marc Riboud explaining why we capture our favorite moments in life. Every person has a favorite quote, poem, or even movie line that they always reference. Perfect for the person who loves poems that warm the heart, or the comedian in your family who is always quoting movie lines. Go beyond the typical birthday gift and give your loved ones something that they will cherish and can have for the rest of their lives. Create the perfect gift by preserving those cherished words on a custom Plak That wood print. Head over to Plakthat.com to create one today! “Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”- Deepak Chopra wood print poems and quotes, wood gifts, plak that, plank that, custom, gifts