Wood Print White Background Option

Wood Print White Background Option

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Less Wood Grain, Brighter Colors.  We have been testing out our new White Background Layer Option and have launched it for your ordering pleasure!  This new print option prints a layer of white ink underneath of your photos to help cover up some wood grain and to better preserve the original coloration and brightness of your photos.  It does not completely mask the woodgrain, but instead creates a perfect blend of rustic and original.  This option is great for wedding photos, newborn portraits, or any other photo that you want to keep the original color and saturation!

To add this option to your order,  select “Add White Background Layer” during checkout.  We will soon have a print preview example available so stay tuned!

This print option is available on select Planked and Solid wood prints starting at the 6.75″ x 10.5″ size.

White background option

And don’t forget about our FREE Shipping offer on wood print orders over $29.  Starting designing your wood print today!

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Prints on Wood Make a Great Statement Piece

prints on wood

A Bold Statement Piece

A key to home decor is creating a look that is unique and balanced. Prints on wood can help you create that bold statement piece that will bring a design element into the room. We have put together some tips for you to help you create the perfect piece of wall art to add to your home. There are some basic rules to follow to assure that what you create will be an addition that adds character to the room that it is added to. What is great about PlakThat.com is that you are designing a custom piece that is suited to your home’s need.

Prints on Wood

When designing your prints on wood, you want to select a design that has enough contrast to stand out. If the piece is large, but the colors are muted, than the piece will blend into the rest of the home as an understated piece.  Contrast can be created by two ways. You can either create prints on wood with bight bold colors, or you can create a design with a strong contrast between light and dark areas. Both ways are effective when striving to create a strong statement piece. Also, feel free to play with patterns. A large pattern can really add pop. Just avoid adding more than two patterns to the design, or else it may look a bit busy.

Decorating Tips

When choosing the location to place your prints on wood, look at the big picture. Step back and really look at the room to see where the piece would create the best balance. Placing a large piece next to something really small, like an end table, will just not look right. Above a couch, fireplace, or bed are good locations for large statement pieces. Also look at the colors in the room. You can add colors of the same hues into the piece so that it makes sense in that particular room. And don’t be afraid to take risks! Sometimes a design that might seem too much will be exactly what your room needs.

Create Prints on Wood


Unlimited Photos on Wood

You can create your own personal gallery with unlimited photos at PlakThat.com. When you create an account, all of your designs will be saved in your own personal gallery. Making it easy to access past designs, you can select saved designs to turn into photos on wood. This feature also allows you to reopen saved designs that you wish to edit. All of the saved gallery images are saved in one location for you to access, and can be shared with friends and family on Facebook.

photos on wood

Share Photos on Wood

Sharing your photos on wood with friends and family is easy. You can post your holiday and vacation photos as beautiful wood print designs. All the designs in your gallery are then ready to be share on Facebook. These make for great gifts, and with the Facebook share feature, other people can see what the wood plak will look like once printed. Photos on wood are a quality gift that is a great addition to any home. It is a unique gift that stands out from the printed photo. They look great without a frame and can be hung on the wall or free standing.

Unlimited Photo Gallery

What is great about PlakThat.com is that there is no limit on how many designs you wish to upload. All of your images are saved in your own personal gallery. You have the option to share your designs with other people who visit the site, or you can set your designs to private. Many of our customers do share their beautiful designs so that other people may view them and purchase them. We at PlakThat.com also have our own gallery that is open to browsing. Here you can find top quality images that we hand picked for you.





Create Photos on Wood

Delmarva Life Interview

Delmarva Life Interview

Delmarva Life, plak that, prints on wood, photos on wood, wood prints

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the WBOC Delmarva Life team at our headquarters for a impromptu interview and tour of the Plak That operations.  Check out this amazing video produced by them featuring our owner, Wyatt, as he discusses wood prints, the business, and sustainability.


Hotel Decor

Hotel Decor

A recent hotel decor project we completed was printing large murals for a local hotel.  Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort, a beautiful family resort located on 91st in Ocean City, MD, approached us to have local photographs printed and hung in their elevator landings.  We built large sized wooden plywood pieces and printed original photos on them to add vibrancy and life to the otherwise blank wall space that flanks the elevator landings from floor 2-5.  Each mural has beautiful trim work around to perfectly frame the image and has a clear coating for a lasting finish.  The end result was more lively elevator landings and artwork that has added a even more local touch to this long standing Ocean City icon.  For all your hotel and decor needs large or small, contact us today!

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Trophies Printed on Wood

Trophies Printed on Wood

Trophies Printed on Wood, plak that, wooprints, custom

We recently designed and printed 100 5×7 trophies printed on wood for a SUP race.  Wave of Wellness approached us on a tight deadline and wanted a unique and original trophy for their 4th Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race.  We pushed our wood printing machine to the max and came through with these awesome wood prints that were well received by the organization and the winners. This was a great event that was put on by some amazing and fit people. We can print any design you desire on a custom wooden trophy. Contact us with all your award and trophy needs today!


Custom Restaurant Decor

Custom Restaurant Decor

Recently we were able to work with Fat Fish OC, a brand new local business that needed custom restaurant decor and signage done. They wanted to open as quickly as possible and we were able to come through with some pretty unique tables, lightbox, road sign, and menu boards. Our printing capabilities allow any restaurant owner to give their business a personal and custom touch that will surely grab the attention of their customers. Contact us today to chat about your needs or swing by Fat Fish on Sunset Avenue and get some food!!

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Commercial Signage and Decor

Commercial Signage and Decor

Business Signage, commercial signage and decor, juice shack, oc wasabi express, plak that

We recently completed a commercial signage and decor project for the opening of a juice and express sushi bar in Ocean City, MD.  Juice Shack and OC Wasabi Express are located on 16th street in Ocean City, MD. They needed signage for their exterior displays and unique wood decor pieces for their interior.  We printed their awning and road signs on weatherproof white aluminium for a lasting finish. We also printed photos from local photographers on purpose built tables.  For their main lightbox sign, we designed and printed on white acrylic to create a day/night sign.  Another unique piece we created for them is a Instagram “Wall”, which shares the photos from their customers on a large plywood print.  Contact us today with your commercial signage and decor needs!

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How to hang a wood print

How to hang a wood print

Here are some quick and simple instructions on how to hang a wood print created by Plak That. Hanging Instructions: Planked wood prints are hung using 2 drywall screws, 4 to 6 inches apart. Use a level and drywall screws if necessary. For the 5×7 wood prints there is a key hole located on the back of the print. Slide, and lock into place. If the print feels loose, drive the screw further into the wall. Once into place, the print is now ready to draw the attention of any individual in its sight! Care for the print by hanging it indoors out of direct sunlight, and if it needs to be cleaned use a lint free cloth or some mild soap and water. Now that you know how simple our wood prints are to hang, they can add beauty to room or blank wall!   Wood Print Hanging Instructions, how to hang a wood print, Planked wood prints, Wood print care

Print Your Children’s Photos On Wood

Print Your Children’s Photos on Wood

What better way to remember those special moments in your children’s life than to print your children’s photos on wood.  Preserve those memories on our sustainably sourced FSC certified wood prints for a unique masterpiece that your family will always cherish. These moments that are held on a camera and in your mind are now able to be easily converted into something that any person will enjoy. Our updated mobile capabilities allow you to use any image from your smartphone and create a wooden Plak That print right from your phone.   Design your wood print today using our super simple and easy to use wood print designer at plakthat.com   Children's Photos on Wood, wood prints, plak that, plnak that, wood canvas, Print Your Children's Photos On Wood