Surfing Trophies

Surfing Trophies

These are the surfing trophies we have created for the ESA. Good luck to all the competitors in the Eastern Surfing Association Southeast Regionals this weekend. A few of the talented surfers will walk away with a custom Plak That surfing trophy. Growing up surfing in the ESA and attending regionals as well, we all know how cool it is to be able to hang a trophy up on the wall. So hopefully the surfers will be stoked on a trophy that is also an art piece. And thank you Greg Panas Film & Photography for the gorgeous photos that we used! photo, Surfing trophies, wood trophies, custom, trophies


Seems like everyone wants trophies this time of year! The award during a contest is often looked over at certain competitions. Don’t let that happen to your event. Create a unique and easy to hang trophy for any type of event or for any sport. The competitors will appreciate the effort that you have put into creating a one of a kind piece that can’t be found at your local store. We just did these for the Brisa Cup regatta in Puerto Rico and others for the Southeast Regional Surfing Championships held in Florida by the Eastern Surfing Association.  They look awesome!  Best of luck to all the competitors!

Examples of recent trophies:

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