Wine Wood Prints

California is a pretty beautiful place this time of year, especially when you can take a day and cruise through some wineries. Wine wood prints are the perfect way to relive those beautiful days over and over again! On a recent trip out west we were able to spend a few hours strolling through Wilson’s Creek Winery in Temecula, CA. The beauty of the vineyards and the time spent with loved ones is something that will stay with you forever. Why not put those memories and stories on a wood print that can stay with you forever as well? Take the opportunity to surprise the wine lover in your life with a custom Plak That Print!  More photos for you fellow winelovers coming soon!
Wilsons Creek Winery, Wine wood prints

Wilsons Creek Winery


Couple’s Wood Print

A few weeks ago we made this couple’s wood print for our friend Bridget and her boyfriend.  One went to Duke and one went to UNC so it was kind of a house-divided piece.  Either way, turned out really nice.

Over the summer, we made this one for our friend Melissa and her boyfriend.  We really like the summertime-happiness and colors . . .


Engagement Photos On Wood

We made this beautiful wood print for our friend Whitney a couple months ago.  Engagement photos on wood always seem to turn out awesome.  She just sent us this photo of it hanging in her foyer.  As much as we love the piece, what she has done around it is even better!  Way to go Whitney!

Weddings are great . . .