Delmarva Life Interview

Delmarva Life Interview

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting the WBOC Delmarva Life team at our headquarters for a impromptu interview and tour of the Plak That operations.  Check out this amazing video produced by them featuring our owner, Wyatt, as he discusses wood prints, the business, and sustainability.




Sustainability is at the core of Plak That Printing Co. From using certified sustainable wood to being powered by renewable sources, Plak That is taking the necessary steps to promote sustainability in our operations and our environment. We have a responsibility to maintain a healthy environment in and out of our business. As a small business, we make a strong effort to remain environmentally conscious and will continue to do so. Check out the video below to see the programs and reasons for our commitment to sustainability.  Thanks for watching!

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Real Hospitality Group

Real Hospitality Group Office

A few months ago our friends over at Real Hospitality Group were moving into a new corporate office and needed some artwork!  The colorful abstract is printed on 1/2″ plywood and shows all the different clients that they currently have (with more to come!).  The other large planked pieces were of the NYC skyline as well as a quadrant of Ocean City, MD where the new office is located.  This was a really fun job and the prints really add to the new space. This is just a small example of what Plak That can bring to your office. We can add colorful, textural decor that can separate your office building or rooms apart from the other stagnant offices.  Thanks!! real hospitality group, office decor, wood prints

Handmade in Maryland

100% Handmade in Maryland Custom Wood Prints

This video shows how to print your photos on wood.  Our wood prints are 100% handmade in Maryland from design to doorstep.  Each piece is hand selected, cut, rounded, assembled, branded, sanded, printed and shipped by a human being.  If there is anything in your design that isn’t going to turn out the best, we will notify you (at no extra charge) and make sure you are happy with the outcome.  Thanks for watching!!   plak that, wood print, custom wall art, custom wood print, photos on wood, pictures on wood, wood photo transfer, prints on wood, wedding wood prints, pet photos on wood, family photos on wood, rustic, Handmade in Maryland