Instagram Photos on Wood

Instagram Photos on wood

Guys – find her most-like Instagram, steal it, and make a wood print for her. Put any instagram photos on wood, leaving the opportunity open to anyone willing to jump at it. Print a few of them and make an instagram collage. Turn any bedroom wall into a collection of shared experiences with friends. Create a social media experience that isn’t lost in the cloud of the digital age. Create something tangible that can be cherished for the years to come. A photo once stuck on a cell phone can now make any room or wall a little more inviting, with the addition of this personal touch. Make something beautiful today. Start creating yours here instagram photos on wood, wood photos, print on wood

Valentine’s Day Gift

Dear guys, we know you’re struggling for a Valentine’s gift this year or probably haven’t thought about it yet.  Save yourself the worry and just design her (or he?) a wood print for this special Hallmark-inspired day.  Since we like ridiculous holidays so much, use the discount code “bemine2013″ to save 20% on your purchase.  Valid until 2/4