Wood Print White Background Option

Wood Print White Background Option

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Less Wood Grain, Brighter Colors.  We have been testing out our new White Background Layer Option and have launched it for your ordering pleasure!  This new print option prints a layer of white ink underneath of your photos to help cover up some wood grain and to better preserve the original coloration and brightness of your photos.  It does not completely mask the woodgrain, but instead creates a perfect blend of rustic and original.  This option is great for wedding photos, newborn portraits, or any other photo that you want to keep the original color and saturation!

To add this option to your order,  select “Add White Background Layer” during checkout.  We will soon have a print preview example available so stay tuned!

This print option is available on select Planked and Solid wood prints starting at the 6.75″ x 10.5″ size.

White background option

And don’t forget about our FREE Shipping offer on wood print orders over $29.  Starting designing your wood print today!

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Wooden Photo Ornaments

 Wooden Photo Ornaments

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What better way to display photos and memories than on wooden photo ornaments!  Create custom one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and family with Plak That’s custom wooden ornaments. Order one or a bunch, our 4″ x 4″ wooden ornaments come ready to hang and are perfect for the holiday season or any gift giving occasion.  Your photos are printed seamlessly onto the wooden ornament using our state of the art printing process.  Wood grain blends naturally with your photos to create a rustic and unique wood print.  Make your photos special and unique with a custom wooden photo ornament!

Design your own

Design your own custom wooden photo ornament using our super simple and easy to use wood print designer.  Upload your own photos from your camera or mobile device or use our library of preloaded designs and images.  Watch as your photo is blended seamlessly in the wood print designer right in front of your eyes.  The power to design is in your hands!

Plak That Pro Tip

wooden photo ornaments, custom wood prints, plak thatAdding text and words to your custom wooden ornament is a fun and easy way to make your wooden ornaments unique and special.  Add a special date or family name to the bottom of a wooden ornament.  Create inspiration quotes on wooden ornaments.  The options are endless!  Using “Step 3″ in our wood print designer, the tools on the Plak That website allow you to add, adjust, and preview text on your wooden photo ornament all before you order.  We recommend keeping text and words below 20 characters to allow maximum readability.  Using contrasting colors (white on a black background) will ensure your text and words stand out in your wooden photo ornament.


Photos on Solid Plywood

Photos on Solid Plywood

Plak That now offers photos on solid plywood as a wood print option.  Different from our Planked style wood prints, the solid plywood is a great alternative because it eliminates the possibility of plank lines going through photos when printed.  It provides a clear unobstructed canvas while also adding a rustic touch to your photos. Great for wedding photos and photos of large families.  The solid plywood features slightly less pronounced “heartgrain” than our traditional planked wood prints but will still have the woodgrain look showing through areas of white or light colors .  It also has a softer blush color tone in the wood, which complements any photo.

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Available in many wood print sizes

The photos on solid plywood are available in select Plak That wood print sizes.  Simply toggle the “solid” wood print button in the Create page to view available sizes.  Design with ease using our wood print designer which will overlay your photos seamlessly over the woodgrain surface.  This feature is great for previewing your print and design before purchasing.  If you are looking for a custom size or have any questions about our solid plywood prints, feel free to email us at contact@plakthat.com.


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Happy Earth Day from Plak That

Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day from us at Plak That Printing Co.   As a small business focused on preserving the environment, we are always looking for new ways to create more sustainable operations.  Our wood prints are made from FSC certified sources meaning lumber that is harvested, processed, and re-planted in a sustainable way.  The electricity that powers our shop is purchased from 100% renewable sources such as wind energy.  Most importantly, we support environmental organizations by contributing to local and national organizations such as Ocean City Surf Club and Assateague Coastal Trust through our 1 % for the Planet commitment.  These are operations that companies of any kind and size can utilize and should be a part of every business’s agenda.  Remember we all live on this planet, let’s do our part in helping to preserve and maintain it.


Inspirational Words on Wood Prints

Inspirational Words on Wood Prints

Words on wood prints are a fun and unique way to show inspirational words or a special quote that has meaning to you.  words on wood prints, inspirational words on wood, words on wood, prints on wood, plak that, photos on wood

Our Plak That Wood Prints are super easy to create and design and will give your images, words, and quotes a rustic and personalized look.  This is what makes our wood prints special!  A print that is completely customized to your liking and printed on sustainable wood ready to be hung on your wall.

Design your own inspirational words on wood prints today!

Designing your own wood prints

Our wood print designer allows you to add scenic backgrounds and images, overlay and move text anyway, and preview your design all on your own desktop computer or mobile device!  We make it easy for you to upload your own images.  The designer accepts .jepg files from all major handheld cameras, smartphones, as well as from your computer’s photo library.  Best of all, you can create a FREE designer profile on Plakthat.com to save and share your designs for later.  It has never been this easy to design and order custom wood prints!

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Printed Menu Board

Printed Menu Board

We can create unique printed menu board for any type of restaurant or eatery.  What better way to attract and keep the attention of your customers than with a unique and rustic menu board printed on wood like this one we just completed for a new wood fire pizzeria.  We can also source and print acrylic and aluminum to suit a variety of different hanging needs from indoor to outdoor displaying.   Our in-house design services and quick turnaround will take the hassle out ordering menu boards from those other companies.  Contact us today for your printed menu board needs!

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Ocean City Spring Trade Expo

Ocean City Spring Trade Expo

We are all setup and ready to go at the 2015 Spring Trade Show at the Ocean City Convention Center.  If you are attending, be sure to stop by Booth 901 to say hey and see a wide selection of Plak That Printing Co.’s work in commercial and restaurant signage.  We will be showcasing wood, aluminium, and acrylic print pieces as well as some new stuff for 2016.  See you there!

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Delmarva Life Interview

Delmarva Life Interview

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting the WBOC Delmarva Life team at our headquarters for a impromptu interview and tour of the Plak That operations.  Check out this amazing video produced by them featuring our owner, Wyatt, as he discusses wood prints, the business, and sustainability.


Real Estate Signage

Real Estate Signage

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Here at Plak That Printing Co., we don’t just limit ourselves to wood prints. We dive into many categories, including real estate signage! We offer fully custom printed signage  that can cater to the desires of any current or future real estate moguls. We offer a wide range of sizes up to 4×8 feet, different materials, and can print designs and information in full color. We offer competitive pricing,  giving you the best possible product at a cost that won’t break the budget. Email us, give us a call, or stop by and let us help you with your real estate signage needs!

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Commercial and Store Signage

Commercial and Store Signage

Effective commercial and store signage is the key to gaining business visibility and awareness.  Being able to convey your name, products and services in a large format sign can quickly attract the attention of potentially new customers and clients.  Effective signage needs to be visible, easy to read, noticeable, and legible.  Consider these tips when shopping and designing your new store sign.  Size your signage to be easy to read and see from a distance.  The sooner you can catch the eyes of your customers, the sooner they can come through the door. Organization makes for a easy to read sign.  Names should be bold, colors should be contrasting, spacing should be utilized.  In all, draw attention to the important details by grouping design elements effectively.    Using color and design elements can help your sign stand out from its surroundings and other signs thus making it more noticeable.  Lastly, easy to read letters, fonts, and designs should be used in order to create a legible sign.  Use “non-busy” logos to be more easily recognized which increases brand awareness and recognition.

Business Signage

Custom Printed Commercial and Store Signage

Real Raw SignPlak That Printing Co. has the capabilities to help you create effective signage for your business.  With in-house design services and the ability to create signage up to 4 feet high and any dimension long, we can help you create your sign from conception to final product.  We can print full color in a variety of rigid substrates such as lightbox acrylic and aluminium creating signs that are high quality, weatherproof, and long lasting.  Email us at contact@plakthat.com for all your commercial and store signage needs today!