Wine Wood Prints

California is a pretty beautiful place this time of year, especially when you can take a day and cruise through some wineries. Wine wood prints are the perfect way to relive those beautiful days over and over again! On a recent trip out west we were able to spend a few hours strolling through Wilson’s Creek Winery in Temecula, CA. The beauty of the vineyards and the time spent with loved ones is something that will stay with you forever. Why not put those memories and stories on a wood print that can stay with you forever as well? Take the opportunity to surprise the wine lover in your life with a custom Plak That Print!  More photos for you fellow winelovers coming soon!
Wilsons Creek Winery, Wine wood prints

Wilsons Creek Winery


American Flag Wood Print

With all the renovation around our new place, we decided to print an American Flag wood print for the wall in the office. America is special to each and every one of us. Each individual has their own reason why they love this country. Showing our pride for our country is one of America’s greatest past times. Keep this tradition alive by giving an American Flag wood print to that special patriot in your life. We can keep them crisp and clean or give you that rustic feel as well. It came out awesome and we hope to get these into a lot of hands in the next few months!  What do you think?  Comment below! Flag Plak, American Flag wood print, Plak That, american gifts, military gifts

Burley Oak Brewery Signs

Burley Oak Brewery Signs

Our favorite local brewery, Burley Oak in Berlin, MD has teamed up with Plak That to make their potential customers more aware of whats on tap. We have created some unique Burley Oak Brewery signs to help bar patrons realize that they can get a healthy pint of Burley Oak. It’s great to have one local company support another! Let the local economy roll by getting yourself a Burley Oak brew or a totally customizable Plak That print. Keep your eyes peeled for these bad-a$$ signs at your local watering hole and go for the branch tap handle! Burley Oak brewery signs, bar decor, restaurant decor, custom

Wood Trophies

Wood Trophies

A few weeks ago our friends at Coastal Paddle Company contacted us about doing some custom wood trophies for their annual 5 Flags Stand Up Paddleboard Race.  We took the project on and are stoked on the outcome! Wooden trophies are the best way to keep your event unique. Keep your competitors stoked with an awesome trophy from Plak That. They will be happy to show them off! Our trophies are not just limited to water events, they can be used for any event. Marathons, bike races, pageants etc.., these are all possible venues for unique trophies.  See below for photos and click here to check out their Facebook page! wood trophies, custom, made in the usa, hand made

USA Love List premiers Products Made in Maryland by

USA Love List premiers Products Made in Maryland

Our friends over at USA Love List compiled this guide to ten unique products made in Maryland, where we happen to reside.  We made the list and love all of their other finds. We love Maryland and The USA so it is absolutely a blessing to be involved. Check out all the other fantastic products and keep us all in mind for the Holiday Seasons! We make the Plaks in the U.S and print them here as well. All of them come out of our small business located in Ocean City Maryland. We will continue to provide you with the best service and products we can possibly provide. Thank you to all the customers. Thanks USA Love List!   USA love list, Products Made in Maryland

Flags on Wood

We printed this California flag on wood for our friend Justin the other day.  He resides in sunny Southern California and needed to spruce up his walls a bit.  In our process, we don’t actually print white which is why the flag showed up looking as it did.  Boat hulls, B&W photography, and anything real light in color we especially love because the woodgrain shows through so well.  Order your state flag today and show a little pride . . .

Instagram Photos on Wood

Instagram Photos on wood

Guys – find her most-like Instagram, steal it, and make a wood print for her. Put any instagram photos on wood, leaving the opportunity open to anyone willing to jump at it. Print a few of them and make an instagram collage. Turn any bedroom wall into a collection of shared experiences with friends. Create a social media experience that isn’t lost in the cloud of the digital age. Create something tangible that can be cherished for the years to come. A photo once stuck on a cell phone can now make any room or wall a little more inviting, with the addition of this personal touch. Make something beautiful today. Start creating yours here instagram photos on wood, wood photos, print on wood

Children’s Photos on Wood

Check out this wood print for our friend Autumn Kraemer.  She does beautiful photography in Berlin, MD where she took this one of her son.  We love it.

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