Wooden Save the Dates

Yesterday we decided to play around with a new idea of printing wooden save the dates for a friend of ours.  They turned out awesome and we can’t wait for the wedding in April!! Every couple wants their wedding to be unique in some way. They want that special idea that keeps the event in the minds of their guests. This idea does exactly that by giving your guests something both beautiful and tangible that they can have for the rest of their lives. It creates that perfect item that gives people a memory( also a scrapbooker’s dream). These won’t be available on the website but can be customized and remade so just email or call us to get some done! wooden save the dates, weddings, wedding ideas, custom

Engagement Photos On Wood

We made this beautiful wood print for our friend Whitney a couple months ago.  Engagement photos on wood always seem to turn out awesome.  She just sent us this photo of it hanging in her foyer.  As much as we love the piece, what she has done around it is even better!  Way to go Whitney!

Weddings are great . . .