Wooden Photo Ornaments

 Wooden Photo Ornaments

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What better way to display photos and memories than on wooden photo ornaments!  Create custom one-of-a-kind gifts for your friends and family with Plak That’s custom wooden ornaments. Order one or a bunch, our 4″ x 4″ wooden ornaments come ready to hang and are perfect for the holiday season or any gift giving occasion.  Your photos are printed seamlessly onto the wooden ornament using our state of the art printing process.  Wood grain blends naturally with your photos to create a rustic and unique wood print.  Make your photos special and unique with a custom wooden photo ornament!

Design your own

Design your own custom wooden photo ornament using our super simple and easy to use wood print designer.  Upload your own photos from your camera or mobile device or use our library of preloaded designs and images.  Watch as your photo is blended seamlessly in the wood print designer right in front of your eyes.  The power to design is in your hands!

Plak That Pro Tip

wooden photo ornaments, custom wood prints, plak thatAdding text and words to your custom wooden ornament is a fun and easy way to make your wooden ornaments unique and special.  Add a special date or family name to the bottom of a wooden ornament.  Create inspiration quotes on wooden ornaments.  The options are endless!  Using “Step 3″ in our wood print designer, the tools on the Plak That website allow you to add, adjust, and preview text on your wooden photo ornament all before you order.  We recommend keeping text and words below 20 characters to allow maximum readability.  Using contrasting colors (white on a black background) will ensure your text and words stand out in your wooden photo ornament.


Wooden Awards and Trophies

Wooden Awards and Trophies

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Plak That Printing Co. recently had the opportunity to create awesome 7″x7″ wooden trophies for the graduation of local students from a nine-week after-school program.  The after-school program, titled Surfing into Integrity, aimed to teach students life lessons through the inspirational best selling book “Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons For Business and Life” by former world champion surfer Shaun Tomson.  The overall experience was a great way to educate these young individuals on what integrity meant in their everyday lives.  The full story is available here.  For custom wooden awards and trophies, email us at contact@plakthat.com.

 wooden awards and trophies, plak that

ocmd surf club

Memories Printed on Wood

Memories Printed on Wood

Memories printed on wood, the perfect way to immortalize years of good times and unforgivable moments.  From baby photos to your special wedding day, your precious memories can becomes beautiful works of art.  Our signature planked wood prints made from FSC certified sustainable wood will give your photos a rustic and unique look while providing the perfect canvas for you to display your photos for years to come.  Designs yours in minutes today!   memories printed on wood, wood memories, wedding photos on wood, plak that, baby photos on wood, woodsnap, photobarn, photos on wood, prints on wood

How to Print on Wood – Printing an Alaia

Here is a video that shows how to print on wood using Plak That.  The wooden surfboard is an Alaia, an ancient Hawaiian board that is very flat and surfed without a fin.  We printed some photos for a friend of ours to hang on the wall.  Enjoy!

Wine Wood Prints

California is a pretty beautiful place this time of year, especially when you can take a day and cruise through some wineries. Wine wood prints are the perfect way to relive those beautiful days over and over again! On a recent trip out west we were able to spend a few hours strolling through Wilson’s Creek Winery in Temecula, CA. The beauty of the vineyards and the time spent with loved ones is something that will stay with you forever. Why not put those memories and stories on a wood print that can stay with you forever as well? Take the opportunity to surprise the wine lover in your life with a custom Plak That Print!  More photos for you fellow winelovers coming soon!
Wilsons Creek Winery, Wine wood prints

Wilsons Creek Winery


American Flag Wood Print

With all the renovation around our new place, we decided to print an American Flag wood print for the wall in the office. America is special to each and every one of us. Each individual has their own reason why they love this country. Showing our pride for our country is one of America’s greatest past times. Keep this tradition alive by giving an American Flag wood print to that special patriot in your life. We can keep them crisp and clean or give you that rustic feel as well. It came out awesome and we hope to get these into a lot of hands in the next few months!  What do you think?  Comment below! Flag Plak, American Flag wood print, Plak That, american gifts, military gifts

1% For the Planet House of Cards Display

1 percent for the planet House of Cards:

1 percent for the planet and their unique trade show display

A couple months ago 1 percent For the Planet commissioned us to build them a house of cards for their tradeshow booth.  The pieces needed to stack flat but be able to snap together on a table and hold products, showcase certain members, etc.  We came up with these 4″ x 6″ notched pieces of sustainable birch that turned out awesome. They are a fantastic company and we are happy that we can be involved with them. As you can see, they are involved with many different companies and individuals who have the respect of the environmental conscious community. We are proud to be named with them. Can’t wait to see them getting creative with it at their next show!  Contact us for special requests such as theirs . . .

1 percent for the planet , house of cards, signage, trade show pop1 percent for the planet , house of cards, signage, trade show pop1 percent for the planet , house of cards, signage, trade show pop1 percent for the planet , house of cards, signage, trade show pop

1 percent for the planet , house of cards, signage, trade show pop    

Ocean City Maryland Wood Print

Ocean City Maryland Wood Print

We are located in Ocean City Maryland, an awesome beach town on the edge of farmland. We have a special place in our heart for the beach, and we know that many of you do as well! An Ocean City Maryland wood print is the perfect way to keep the beach in your mind throughout every season. Use your favorite photos of your family, a special place, or just the shoreline itself. There is no reason that the Ocean City mindset you know and love from the summer, shouldn’t follow you around year round!  If you are ever in the area, drop us a line and swing by to get something made!  Sand, sun, surf, and wood all displayed on this Ocean City Maryland wood print.Ocean City Maryland wood print, beach wood prints, custom, beach decor