How to hang a wood print

How to hang a wood print

Here are some quick and simple instructions on how to hang a wood print created by Plak That. Hanging Instructions: Planked wood prints are hung using 2 drywall screws, 4 to 6 inches apart. Use a level and drywall screws if necessary. For the 5×7 wood prints there is a key hole located on the back of the print. Slide, and lock into place. If the print feels loose, drive the screw further into the wall. Once into place, the print is now ready to draw the attention of any individual in its sight! Care for the print by hanging it indoors out of direct sunlight, and if it needs to be cleaned use a lint free cloth or some mild soap and water. Now that you know how simple our wood prints are to hang, they can add beauty to room or blank wall!   Wood Print Hanging Instructions, how to hang a wood print, Planked wood prints, Wood print care

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