Photo on Wood – Insta Style

You can now easily create photo on wood prints at Our plaks are customizable, made out of sustainable wood, and are 100% handcrafted in the U.S.A. With a seamless process, it is fun to put together a custom design and have it delivered to your door with the help from The plaks are delivered with installed hardware, ready to hang, and look great just the way they are.


Photo on Wood

Creating a photo on wood offers a unique way to showcase your best photography moments. This unique type of print has quality to its look, along with depth and character. The plaks can add to a room’s look by simply being hung on a wall, or placed on a shelf,  table, or desk. Due to the wooden texture and look, you can create  a design that blends into a modern or rustic home. The photo on wood plaks are versatile and can fit into any rooms of the house or office. They are also more sturdy than a film photo or a photo canvas. The photo on wood look is great, because it is simple, and creates a bold and clean feel.


Instagram Photos on Wood

It is easy to create the classic Instagram layout of three photos on in row, using photos on wood. Each photo on wood image is printed out separately on a square plak of wood. You can choose nine images that follow a certain theme, or pick nine of your favorite photos for each plak. Since they come in the mail, with hardware already installed, it will be easy to hang them three by three on the wall. This look is best for bedrooms and can be easily updated with new Instagram images throughout the year. It’s a creative way to update the bedroom with style and ease.

  photo on wood Facebook Photo Contest Facebook Photo Contest

We are sponsoring a photo contest on the Facebook page every Friday for your chance to win your favorite Ocean City photo printed on a small 5×7 wood print!   Look for the contest post on the Facebook page every Friday afternoon and post for a chance to win.  Good luck! ocean city photo contest

Crazy light – West Ocean City

Crazy light – West Ocean City

Went out photo hunting last night and came back with this gem. Light leaks, full moon, and a half-sunk boat make for quite a frame. _DSC1929

Photo Contest!!!

Our buddies over at had their annual photo contest and we had their own photos on wood for the winners.  Both are Ocean City MD photos, one during Hurricane Sandy and the other one taken last fall.  Congrats to Nick Denny, Nick Tribuno, and Danny Bostwick.

Instagram Photos on Wood

Instagram Photos on wood

Guys – find her most-like Instagram, steal it, and make a wood print for her. Put any instagram photos on wood, leaving the opportunity open to anyone willing to jump at it. Print a few of them and make an instagram collage. Turn any bedroom wall into a collection of shared experiences with friends. Create a social media experience that isn’t lost in the cloud of the digital age. Create something tangible that can be cherished for the years to come. A photo once stuck on a cell phone can now make any room or wall a little more inviting, with the addition of this personal touch. Make something beautiful today. Start creating yours here instagram photos on wood, wood photos, print on wood

Surf Expo 2013 – Photos on Wood

Thank you for everyone that swung by my booth at Surf Expo Orlando last week.  The show went awesome for it being our first one and we are super excited to print your favorite photos on wood!